A network of some of the area’s most trusted & established Wedding Professionals 
helping you Save Time, Money and Your Sanity with Wedding Planning!
Simplify your wedding planning process with our free planning assistance & savings program.   Booking just three (3) trusted professionals within the 732 Weddings Network qualifies you to receive exclusive upgrades or discounts for your Wedding.
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We love our couples and we love Weddings!
All the companies within the 732 Weddings network are proud to know, work with and recommend each other.  
We're NOT one company claiming to offer all services just to give you one-stop shopping while, sadly, sacrificing quality in the process!   We believe in offering, and exceeding, in the one area of service we do well!  
Each company within 732 Weddings network is individually owned and operated.  We’re all established, well-known companies that've been doing Weddings over 15 years.   Coming together as a network of trusted Wedding Pros means we’re helping couples ensure the highest level of quality for their Wedding...all without having to do research to find us all!  

And, we can probably help you save some money too!

  • Each company and the talented people who own and operate them, all share similar common core values:
  •  We're in love with "Love"
  •  We have true talent for our speciality of service
  •  We love our couples
  •  We have passion for our craft
  •  We don't like "average" and don't believe in "good enough"
  •  We feel every couple and their wedding is unique
  •  We have a desire to blow you away, not just meet your expectations
  •  We have a common goal of helping each of our couples to have the very best Wedding experience they deserve to have
  •  Oh, and we want to help you save money if we can (awesome, right?)
   We help you save time, save money and save your sanity with your wedding planning by giving you peace of mind knowing you’re getting some of the best quality services in the area for your Wedding, at customary and reasonable rates and at a value that far exceeds what you’ve paid!

How The 732 Weddings Savings Program Works
"Triple Play" Savings
Book three (3) companies and save up to three (3) times with each company!!!  
Be part of the “Triple Play” by booking 3 or more of the Wedding Pro Members, and save on all 3!!!  Yeah, we really mean it!  First you'll need to Register for our Program!

Book 3 member companies to qualify, and then you’ll get special discounts from ALL 3 COMPANIES… If you book at least 3 companies.  AND, “Triple Play” then also gives you the option on saving THREE separate times within each company with the different options they offer!
Each company has their own “5.10.15.” discounts, and it means this:  You can save 5% on one option, 10% on another option they offer and yet another 15% on some other option they offer with their service!    SAVE THREE TIMES with the same company!!!   (I know, this is great, right??  We thought so too!)
* “Triple Play” savings cannot be combined with other discount offers.
* Multiple services from within one company do not count towards “Triple Play.” You must book the required minimum of 3 separate companies to apply for the “Triple Play” discounts from all 3 companies.
* Proof of contracted services from all companies is required before discounts are to be applied and then reflected on revised contracts with all companies.
Look for the red dot!  
It signifies the 732 Weddings network Members!
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